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Easily Add Fuel Redemption to Your Loyalty Rewards Program

gas-station (19).png

More choices for your customers  

Redeem points value at any gas station

No surprises at the gas pump

Convenient and immediate redemption

No need for complex integrations

Highly customizable

No need for multiple cumbersome and restrictive contracts with fuel brands

Users see exact cash value of points to redeem

Single tap on Pumped App

Simple API to link member loyalty account

Create seasonal promotions, new member campaigns or segment award levels

Single arrangement with Pumped

Value of Fuel Benefits as a Core Offering of a Loyalty Program is Proven

Fuel benefits are the most valuable currency for the majority of loyalty program members

Offering fuel savings encourages members to engage with loyalty programs more often

Point rewards redeemable on fuel is 2x more popular than instant discount at the register

Consumers want a convenient and immediate way to claim their rewards using a mobile app

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