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Reach high-volume fuel buyers directly and bring them to your locations


Market directly to driver communities that are aggregated for you, like rideshare and delivery services, that buy fuel with Pumped directly from their own app


Link to millions of consumers from a multitude of grocery chains who want to redeem their store loyalty points to fuel savings


Drivers commit to a gas fill at your locations by making a purchase in advance in the most convenient way


Expand digital access to millions of fuel buyers through third-party apps that have Pumped embedded, to exponentially lower cost of mobile user acquisition


Smartly drive demand with flexible pricing that you can easily set: different prices for various times or based on volume purchase


Extend your C-Store points rewards program to include redemption into cash vlaue for fuel buying


Manage revenue better: optimize volume and fuel margin objectives at micro-targeted territories and use Pumped automated campaign engine based on your policies

The Most Effective Way to Steer Drivers into Your Locations

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